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Childrens Orphanage Angamally


Please help these kids: For only $50 (Rs: 2000) a year, or $5 (Rs 200)  a month, you can save a child in Kerala

Emmanuel Orphanage, Angamaly is functioning by the great mercy of God. Here many non-accepting and unwanted children are growing in good physical, moral and spritual atmosphere.  Their vision has always been to help the poor children.

This orphanage is Registered on 21st March 2001. Mr. Chackochan Edayail. Clubs with Friends and Relatives in Christ managing this orphanage. It is devotionally and dedicatedly managed by Br. Chackochan Edayal an exclusive shelter for boys. His family members also voluntarily involved day-to-day activities of this institution. They themselves take care roles of Parents, Teacher, Reverent, Friend  etc.. Even preparing the food to provide the devotional touch to the young hearts.  It is a group of kids aged from 3 to 18 years old. All of them are doing schooling near by the institutions. The Christian Voluntary group members are giving the counseling, Medical Assistance, Bible Class etc..

 Still there are hundreds of unwanted lives on the streets like beggars, anti-socials etc. Therefore our responsibility does not come to an end with 25 or 50 children. Providing of food and education is not everything. We have to form them as a true and civilized citizen of world as well as the children of God. They need to have a home of their own. They too deserve good facilities at home. We must be in a position to provide them all these. Please remember us in your prayers.

The Inspiration behind this, Chackochan: "We got the vision from Lord, after my Charismatic touch on the earlies 1982. I saw abused street kid, a hungry orphaned child or thousands of starving people.. As a maturing Christian, I must recognize my responsibility in demonstrating the Gospel". "I am not alone. Lord will take care. A group of voluntary professionals can simplify the task   with the help of Holy Spirit. Persons will be guided as per the preference."



 1. Pray at least once in a day for these children.
2.      Donate old books, pencils, umbrellas, dress materials, slippers etc. Now we are in urgent need of school uniforms & study materials.
3.      Remember these children at the time of celebrations of your home.
4.      Donate food materials like rice,vegetables etc. to these children.
5. Sponsor any of these children.(Rs.600.00 PER MONTH)
6.      We do not have our own house. So please donate a small amount for our home.
7. Mention about us to your personal contacts.

Bank Account : Emmanuel Orphanage, A/c No.846, Bank of Baroda,       Angamaly.
Registration  : 732 of Kerala Orphanage Control Board.



   P.B No. 77,
   KERALA - 683 572.
   PH : 0484 - 2454203.

Email Address :  emmanuel_orphanage@hotmail.com

  "If you want any special prayer help; please inform us about your needs and problems; we can pray for you."  God will hear and answer that.



 We have the burden to reach the unreached and development of the children and community through different projects. For which we need your prayer and support. Please do remember the services of ECCS (Emmanuel Christian Charitable Society) in your prayers. By which we both can be partners for God's work. We shall be extremely thankful if you would find time in attending to our request. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


How to DONATE.?

There are many ways to help this group, you can give regular monthly gifts by mail, bankers order or through payroll giving. Another way to help build a brighter future for many in the developing world is with a legacy or through sponsorship. You can either contact us or contact Emmanuel group directly through E-mail or by Mailing Address.

If you are running a Charity based organization /orphanage, Provide your information to Kerals.com


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Thank you for helping make a miracle happen for a very special child! Your sponsorship will make a difference and help break this terrible cycle of poverty.

Give hope to all those orphan children who need our help. You reside in India or abroad, you can be a part of this success.

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