Old Age Homes in Kerala

Kripalayam Old Age Home: Being one of the leading service providers in industry we are engaged in rendering senior citizen home services. Our quality of services is very high and we try to ensure that we satisfied our clients at their maximum level. Our experts interact with the clients and analyze their needs and offer services accordingly. The array of services we are offering includes Old Age Home Service, Accommodation Service and 24 x 7 Medical Care. Old age homes are meant for senior citizens who are unable to stay with their families or are destitute. old age homes have special medical facilities for senior citizens such as mobile health care systems, ambulances, nurses and provision of well-balanced meal. Kripalayam has been set up with the aim of providing home comforts and peace of mind to seniors seeking peace and calm. The aim is to make them feel they are truly at HOME though in a different residence. Their stay at Kripalayam will free them from various worries and pressures and find them a new life with all the basic comforts and care essential for them. They will never feel that Kripalayam is a punishment transfer of residence because they have been rejected by society.
Addreess : Kripalayam Old Age Homes,P.T Chacko nagar,Medical College,Phone : 0471-2444955 and 8590066653
Website : www.kripalayam.com and email : [email protected]

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Contact:- [email protected]

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