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Thalassery is in Kannur district of northern Kerala state , south western India. It is 21 km away from district head quarters, Kannur. It was established in 1663 by the British for the pepper and cardamom trade and was their first settlement on Malabar cost.

Thalassery fort was built by British in 1708 and was attacked by Mysore ruler Hyder Ali in 1781. But he failed to capture the fort. British were doing pepper trade by using this fort. It is constructed near to Arabian sea and most of the construction is rocky. During the British rule the jurisdiction of Thalassery court was up to Mysore. Sir.Wellesly who introduced Cricket in this district during 18th century. Now also cricket clubs in and around Thalassery are major players in various tournaments in the state. The beginning of western education in Thalassery may be traced back to the middle of 16th century. The first English school known as Basal German Mission English School was started on 1st March 1856 at Thalassery. The Brennen school at Thalassery, the nucleus of the present Brennen College, was started in 1862 with the generous donations made by Mr. Edward Brennen, Master Attendant at Thalassery. Thalassery and its neighboring villages actively participated in freedom struggle. On 15th September 1940 , Thalassery town Congress Committee called on a meeting at Jawahar Ghat to protest against human right violations in British rule. Sri. O Abu master and Chathukkutty was killed in the police firing.

Basic Data- Municipality
Area 23.98 Sq.Km
Municipal Wards 50
Villages Thalassery, Thiruvangad and Kodiyeri
District Kannur
Thaluk Thalassery
Borders North - Dharmadam
South - New Mahe
East - Eranholi
West - Arabian Sea
Population 105,997
Chairman-Municipality Mr.N.V Muhammed Salim
Member of Parliament Smt. AK Premajam
Member of legislative assembly Sri.Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

German missionary Dr. Herman Gundert played an important role in the history of Thalassery. He was born in Stuttgart on 1814 February 14 and came to India as a Christian missionary. He studied history and religion from Tubin University and got doctorate from Switzerland. In 1834 he become a member of Basal Mission. Basal Mission Society was his motivation for coming to India. He studied Hindi, Bengali and Tamil in early day itself. He started staying at Thirunalveli. At the age of 24 Gundert married Yuliya de Bova. From 27th February 1839 he started staying at Illikkunnu , a place near Thalassery- Ancharakkandy road. Now also Gundert Bungalow is tourist attraction. It is a beautiful building with tiled roof. He was a master in 18 languages. In 1939 he started a school in the Bungalow. He was the first school inspector for Malabar and South Karnataka. In 1847 first Malayalam news paper 'Rajyasamacharam' started from Thalassery. After that another publication named 'Paschimodayam' was also started. Articles published by Gundert in German, English, Malayalam and Tamil languages spanned to various subjects such as history, grammar, language science, general knowledge etc. Out of 50+ books published by him, most famous one is English-Malayalam dictionary. This dictionary was published at Mangalore in 1872. Although the dictionary was published at Mangalore, he verified the content from Kalwa of Germany since he left India on April 11 1859 itself. 'Keralolppathi' published in 1843 and 'Keralapazhama' published in 1868 are also well known. Dr. Herman Gundert died on April 25 1893.
In almost all big circus companies like Great Bombay circus, Jumbo circus, Rajkamal and Gemini circus more than 80% of circus artists are from Thalassery. Keeleri Kunhikkannan , the father of Indian circus , is from Thalassery. He was the sports teacher of BEMP High School, Thalassery. Kamala Circus was the first three ring circus of Thalassery. It was founded by Mr.K Damodaran. Kalarippayttu, an ancient martial arts, was considered to be born at Kathirur, a village near Thalassery. Kathirur Gurikkal, Thacholi Othenan, Payyavelli Chandu and Mayan Pakki were the stalwarts in this field. Mambally Bakery of Tellicherry is the first Bakery of Kerala. Now also bakery items of Thalassery are very famous throughout the world. Sri Vengayil Kunhiraman Nair, Sanjayan (M Ramunni Nair), NE Balaram and O. Chandu menon are also great Tellicherians.

Thalassery and neighboring villages like Eranholi, Pinarayi, Kadirur, Kodiyeri etc. are strongholds of Communist parties. Congress and Muslim league is having good support in Municipal areas and New Mahe. BJP is having some support in Pathayakkunnu, Konkachi, Panoor ares. These areas ill famous for atrocities.

Pinarayi Eranholi Dharmadam
Chokli Kadirur Kariyad
Kottayam New Mahe Peringalam
Keezhallur Kanichar Kelakam
Kolayad Kottiyur Malur
Muzhakkunnu Peravur Aralam
Ayyankunnu Keezhur - Chavassery Koodali
Payam Thillangeri Chittariparamba
Kunnothparamba Mangattidam Mokeri
Pannyannur Panur Pattyam
Thriprangottur Vengad

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