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Trikarpur Panchayath is composed of North and South Trikarpur villages, which were part of former Karnataka state. With the formation of Kerala state in 1.11.1956 it has become part of Kerala.Payyanur, which is renowned for her role during the 'Uppu Sathyagraha' Movement of our freedom struggle, is the adjacent town separated from Trikarpur by the Olavara Bridge.

Trikarpur played a significant role during our freedom movement. The State Congress meeting held at Payyanur with the participation of Jawaharlal Nehru in 1928 was attended by very many patriots from Trikarpur, notable among them being Nanatt Kannan Nair, K.C.Koran, Ibrahim Haji.The great 'Uppu sathyagraha' movement of the freedom struggle was organized at the Uliyam Kadavu near Olavara of Trikarpur

Trikarpur was very receptive to the changes occurring in state politics from time to time. The Panchayath has made remarkable progress in the cultural and educational field because of the untiring and collective endeavors made by different individuals and organizations. The progress especially in the field of education and transport is very noteworthy. In this respect we owe a great deal to the farsightedness of the late V.P.P.Muhammad Kunhi Patel who had been the president of Trikarpur Panchayath continuously for a long time.

Here recognized schools came in to being with the dawn of the 2oth century. The first such educational institution was Thazhekkattu 'Kudippallikkoodam' which was the forerunner of the present South Trikarpur government High school.

The importance of individual health was well recognized by our great predecessors as evidenced by the progress made by us in the various disciplines of medical science such as Allopathy, 'Ayurveda', 'Marma' treatment of snake poisoning etc. Some of the noteworthy names among the physicians of the past include Perunthatta Muhammad Vydyar, Vannan Ambu vydyar, Maniyamma etc.

Kuttichira Vannan Ramman Vydyar was a legendary figure in the field of pediatric treatment. The valuable service rendered by the late Dr. K.S. Shetty to the people in and around Trikarpur should be remembered with immense gratitude.

Trikarpur has established her indelible impressions in the field of Arts and Sports. The Katha Kali chief of 'Adayar Kalakshethram' of Chennai Sree Arayambath Janardhanan and the renowned 'Poorakkali' master Kottan Panikkar are the proud products of Trikarpur. So also the most memorable names in the cultural activities of the place include that of the Krishnan Perumalayar and Raman Panickar.

Trikarpur is cradle of Football and her position is among that of Malappuram and Kozhikkod. We could bring up very many boys who could take part in the district and state level teams. So also we have very many sports club in our locality. The most notable being Acme, Golden Star, Subhash etc. Some of the great boys of Trikarpur include the Mohan Bagan player Suresh the G.V. Raja award winners Rajesh Sinul Abideen, the national sub junior player Subash, the proud coach of the Kerala Police team Unnikrishnan and the host of other unending names. The history of Trikarpur sans her role in Football will be incomplete. A good organizer of Football in Trikarpur Mr.M.T.P.Abdul Kader contributed greatly for the development football in Trikarpur. He could ascend to the level of District Football secretary. So also most talented teams in the various branches of sports such as 'Kabady', Volley Ball and Cricket are at the proud procession of various clubs of Trikarpur. 'Pent', 'Udaya chovvery' etc are such notable clubs. An astounding figure of as many as seventy-five small and large Arts and Sports club are functioning in our Panchayath.

Providing and promoting the reading habit of the public Trikarpur provides ample facilities in the form of libraries and reading rooms, while perpetuating the Cheri sable memories of the great leaders of our freedom struggle. The 'Acharya Narendra Dev library' and reading room at Koyonkara and the 'Muhammad Abdul Rahman library' Thankayam are some of the shining examples of for this.

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