Tribal Peoples in Kerala


Sanction was given to Paraya by his land lords to enjoy maximum freedom on a particular day in the year i.e. 28th day in the Malayalam month Makaram. On this day the untouchable Paraya was allowed to exercise maximum freedom on the village roads, where his action would never be questioned or retaliated by his master.

No female members of the so-called respectable families was allowed by the elders to step out of the home. If any girl accidentally happen to be seen by the Paraya irupathettichar he had the license to carry her away and treat her as his property. Such girls were treated as lost forever by the parents. This practice was in vogue in places like Kuttanadu, where paddy cultivation was the main occupation of the people and the Pulayas and Parayas were to work hard throughout the year to feed the whole country. Now they enjoy a lot of privileges and reservation which they legitimately deserve and they are progressing rapidly.

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