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Thalavoor is a village located in the district of Kollam in the Kerala state of India. It is 77 km to the north of the State Capital, Thiruvananthapuram, and 28 km to the east of Kollam... Thalavoor Temple (Ampalam) is located in the heart of Thalavoor, Thalavoor village is also called as "Randaalum Moodu".. Randalum Moodu got the name because of the two "Aalu trees" on both side of the streets...

In earlier times, this land was a part of Elayadathu Swarupam, a principality ruled by a branch of the Travancore Royal Family. Kottarakkara was the capital of Elayadathu Swarupam.

Up to 18th century, this land was a part of "Elayidathu Swaroopam". At that time, most of the leaders (Malayalam: Thalavanmaar) in the Elayidathu Swaroopam were from this place. They headed various departments of this royal dynasty. Hence this place came to known as "Thalavoor", meaning "Thalavanmaarude Ooru" i.e. "The Place of Leaders".

The land of thalavoor is divided into six zones.

Pandithitta (North-West Zone of Thalavoor)
Manjakkala (North-East Zone of Thalavoor)
Nadutheri (Central Zone of Thalavoor)
Njarakkadu (South-East Zone of Thalavoor)
Kura (South-West Zone of Thalavoor
Vadakodu (South-West Zone of Thalavoor)

Thalavoor, like other parts of India, is governed by different levels of government such as the three tiers of 'Panchayatraj', namely Village, Block and Jilla and, of course, the state and central governments. The revenue and land administration has the village as the basic unit

Worship Places in Thalavoor
St George Orthdox Church (Malayil Palli - Close to Ambala Nirappu)
Sri Durga Devi Kshetram,Trikkonnamarcodu
Sree Krishna Kshetram, Nadutheri
Sri Gurisimankavu Dharmashasta Kshetram, Pandithitta
Sree Krishna Swami Kshetram, Kura.
Sree Mahadevan Kshetram, Chunakkara, Millumukku, Kura
Sri Madadeva Kshetram, Saptarshimangalam, Nadutheri
Marthoma Church, Nadutheri
C.S.I. Church, Randalummoodu
Orthodox Church, Randalummoodu
St.Stephen's Orthodox Church, Pandithitta
St.George Orthodox Church,Mylom Kulamudi

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