Tourist Places in Kerala

Chembra peak

Chembra peak, the highest peak in Wayanad is located 14 kms west of Kalpetta. Located amidst panoramic surroundings, the peak is at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. The hills, rocks and valleys which contribute to the very unique character of Wayanad provide a lot for adventure tourism. An ideal spot for trekking, Chembra Peak is a very beautiful spot close to the Western Ghats. Trekking to the Chembra peak is one of the risky tourist endeavours.

Trekking to the top of this peak takes almost a day. The Chembra Hills and the adjacent Meppadi hills are accessible from Kalpetta. The entire region is quite picturesque with tea plantations and a variety of flora and fauna and some wild life in the jungles.

The scenic beauty of Wayanad, which is visible from the top of Chembra, is very challenging and thrilling. At 1500 m above sea level is a crystal clear lake hardly touched by human hands. The blue-eyed water in the lake at the top of the hill never dries up even in the peak of summer. It is a delightful spot for the trekkers as well as for the nature lovers. All along the steep and slippery way to the top of the hill, the whispering of the flowing spring which sprouts from the top of the hill accompanies the tourist. If he is fortunate enough, on his way he may come across a passing wild beast, may be a leopard who may instantly hide behind the bushes.

Camping in the night with campfire and sleeping bags at the top of the peak in shivering cold is everlasting experience. Tourists can also stay one or two days at the top of the peak in temporary camps. District Tourism Promotion Council provides guides, sleeping bags, canvass huts trekking implements on hire charges to the tourists. A visit to the exhilarating spot will be a memory you'll cherish forever.

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