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Perumthenaruvi, which literally means Honey River, mazes its way through Vechuchira-Naranammoozhi villages in Ranni taluk of Pathanamthitta. Here, the water flows down a rocky bed into a ravine, sixty to on hundred feet deep. The river must have got its name from the many beehives that were found in the rocky promontories near the origin of the river.

Still ahead is the Naveenaruvi, which literally means the river where the dog fell into. Local people say the pet dog of a western tourist fell into this river and hence the name.

And there is this Panamkadanthayaruvi, which is where water falls some 400 feet below. Many believe the name Panamkadanthayaruvi came from the pana (palm tree) below the waterfalls, onto which the water fell.

Two roads lead to the destination and one of them is from the Vechuchira Navodaya junction. The other road is from Kudamurutty. This route is favoured by the nature lovers as this winds its way through Karikulam forests.

Pampa river gurgles down here, with a couple of barren rocky hills and wild flowers all around. This secluded, unspoiled place is a must see in every holiday maker's itinerary.

The access of Perumthenaruvi is nearly 50 Km from Kottayam. This falls in the district of Pathanamthitta where the mountain temple Sabarimala is situated. There is no transportation service so 4 Km distance by walk is required

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