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Mathoor is a sleepy little hamlet on the border of Trivandrum and Tamil Nadu. From Thiruvattoor, Mathoor is just two and a half kilometres away. The bridge here, perhaps is the highest irrigation bridge in Asia. The road zigzags though rocky terrain and paddy fields. They soon give way to mountainous terrain. Vehicles other than buses proceed till the fag end of the road.

Even while climbing the steep road, beating up dust clouds in the trail, one can hear the distant rumbling of the swift forest brook. Getting down from the vehicle in the last leg of the trail, walk 20 feet and turn. Suddenly, a breathtaking view of panoramic view appears. Emotions, with a tinge of fear creeps in as the steep height instills awe on the onlooker. Palayar, the brook rushes past big black rocks and walking past them will bring in view the irrigation bridge.

The bridge is so narrow, than just two persons can stand shoulder to shoulder. It is about 1024 metres long and 110 feet high and is supported by 28 granite pillars. Only the stout hearted can walk across the bridge but is well rewarded by an exquisite view of the whole valley. Wild flowers, distant waterfalls, and various brooks, -- a bird's eye view of all these is an unforgettable experience. The sudden gale with a whistling sound will bring us back to reality in this surrealistic surroundings as we scramble to hold on to the bridge's railings. The holiday makers and locals bathing in the fast flowing river below can be seen like tiny ants moving around. Trekking enthusiasts and holidaymakers can get to Mathoor and return in a day.

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