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Vayuvanthol is a natural waterfall situated at the acknowledged home of natural waterfalls- Western Ghats, famous for its calmness and serenity for ages. The meeting point of two rivers falling down to the bottom of the Ghats, the vigorous flow of the water amidst the rocks is awe-inspiring. Water falling area at the bottom of the Ghat is like a lake and ice-cooled water in it is pure and rich in minerals.

Situated in the state reserve forest area in Vithura at Nedumangad Taluk, Vayuvanthol is an extravagant charm of nature. Permission from the forest department should be obtained for visiting this place. It will take just an hour to reach Vithura by bus from the central bus station at Thiruvananthapuram. And a one and half hour adventurous walk from Vithura takes you to the quarreling waterfalls of Vayuvanthol.

Vayuvanthol also offers a unique sort of shopping. A well-known Adivasi (tribal) market, which is popularly known as Anthichantha (evening market), functions at Vithura. Tribals in the area go to forest and collect edible fruits, honey etc from there. In the evening these things are sold in the market. A number of people from various parts of the state came to the market to buy the precious medicinal items from the market.

All the glittering natural charm of Vayuvanthol also reveals a dark aspect about the state. It is the indifferent attitude of the State tourism department towards such small, but beautiful places.

The fact is that the tourism department, who are spending a lot of money for conducting foreign trips to promote tourism in the state, failed to tap the potential of Vayuvanthol, a place literally under the nose of its headquarters.

For converting Vayuvanthol into a full-fledged tourism attraction, the tourism department should concentrate on the development of the place hand in hand with those private agencies, which promote Eco-tourism.

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