Kerala Famous Arts and Martial

Chakkyar Kootthu

Also known as kootthu, this art was earlier performed only by people belonging to the Chakyar community. The performance is essentially a narration of stories taken from mythology using elaborate expressions and dance. It is delivered with the accompaniment of cymbals and mizhavu (a special drum), Elaborate facial expressions and hand gestures follow eloquent declarations and recitals.

Kakkarissi natakom and thullal are two famous satirical dance forms. The former is based on legends of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati when they assumed human form as a couple from a nomadic tribe. The latter is a solo performance involving dramatic recitation of stories that once helped point the finger at social evils and the corrupt.

Pamputhullal, and Nagakanni (both connected with the Naga cult), Bhadrakalipattu, Kumbha Nritham, Arjuna Nritham, Kummatti, Patayani, etc are other art forms celebrated in various parts of Kerala at various time of the year.

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