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Puthiyangadi, a beautiful Village, located at the Madayi Panchayath, is a land of lush green coconut palms swaying in tune with the whistling breeze. On its western length, span beaches with smooth sands that look like gold dust.

These are interspersed with the breathtaking lagoons, creeks and myriad tiny inflows from the Arabian Sea. This is a land which thrives on fish, in food and trade. The men, women and children are involved in this trade. Traditionally, women wear wonderful sarees, draped in a style very typical only to them, and ornaments include gold necklaces, bangles and other normally worn jewellery.

Coconut forms another versatile means of food and occupation. Many delicious recipes are becoming popular. One interesting point to note that all cooking is done in coconut oil. This impart a very different and distinct flavor to cuisine from this region.

Though lovers of seafood, many interesting dishes which are vegetarian curry the typical malabarian flavor.

Puthiyangadi Village consists seven wards of Madayi Grama Panchayath. The total area is 9.24 square km., while the population is about 15,000. The main occupation of the people are fishing, agriculture.

The land is mainly undulated without any hills or mountains. All area is inter-connected with well-maintained motor-able roads. The bus stand is situated in the heart of the village. Puthiyangadi is well connected to major towns like Kannur, Payangadi and Payyannur.

The Ezhimala Naval Academy (Ezhimalai hills) is located towards the northern border of Puthiyangadi.

The village has a creditable record of educated population, mostly due to the presence of Madayi GMUP school and Puthiyangadi Jama-ath high school. There are around 12 Muslim religious teaching centers called ?Madrassas?.

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