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Njeralathu Raama Pothuvaal

Born on 16th February 1916 at a village named Anakkara in Palakkad District of south India in Kerala , Njeralath Ramapothuval is the eldest son of Koodallur Kurinjikaavil Marath Sankunni Maaraar and Janakipothuvalsyar. Most of his childhood stage was spend in his ancestral house of Njeralath beside lord Sree Rama temple .

His family consisted of 2 sisters and 2 brothers. He had his schooling till the fifth standard and moved on to practice Idaykka and Chenda became the maestro in this instrument.
He inherited the art of playing Idaykka from his uncle Njeralathu Karunakara Pothuval and later on scaled new heights to establish an indelible mark in this field. It was an art which was unique of its kind in the world of music.
Sopanasangeetham is the genre he popularized - a genre which is exclusively belongs to the state of Kerala in south India. This genre is also known as Kottipaadiseva or serving the gods and goddesses by singing songs , praising them.
Apart from practicing Idaykka from his uncle, he has inherited from his father the art of playing Chenda. He also practiced instruments like Veena from Parappanaatu Ramakurupu. He practiced Karnatic music from 'Loka Guru' Chembai Vaidhyanaadha Bhaagavathar. He was taught classical music by Kodikunnath Madhavan Nair. His experience in Kerala Kalamandalam helped him in gaining knowledge in Kathakali music. He married Lakshmikutty Amma D/o -Govindan Komaram and
Kolleri Kunjimaluamma, residing at Angadipuram in Malappuram District at the age of 41. at the age of 61 he became the father of 7 children - Janakikutty, Krishna vijayan, Gopalakrishnan, Anjaneyan, Gaayathri, Hari govindan and Aananda sivaraman. After his marriage he was living at Palakkode village near Angadipuram under the patronage of the chief priest of Thirumandhamkunnu temple at Angadipuram, Pandhalakkode Sankaran Namboodiri till his death on 13th August 1996.
Njeralathu Raama Pothuvaal, a renowned artist, who rejuvenated Sopaana Sangeetham -the traditional TEMPLE music of Kerala - enthralled the music lovers of Kerala for a decade. Njeralathu Raama Pothuvaal, a renowned artist, who rejuvenated Sopaana Sangeetham-the traditional temple music of kerala -enthralled the music lovers of kerala for a decade. He brought out this art from the walls of the temple and made this art popular among the people There are six different documentary films based on his life and music. 'Sopaanam' is his biography which also implemented has a study materials for the University students . He received more than 10 different awards and fellowships from both govt. and NGOS within his 80 years of life. In 1996 august 13 Raama Pothuvaal died leaving a great art form in his name.

for more info please visit http://www.njeralathu.com/

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