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Profile of Malayalam Tamil Actress Gopika

Name: Gopika

Father's Name : Anto Francis

Mother's Name : Dessy Anto

Birth Place : Thrissur, Kerala

Height: 5' 6.5"

Gopika is a Malayalam actress born in a small town in Kerala. Her parents Anto Francis and Dessy Anto
named her as Karli. She has only one sister, Klinli. After completing her 12th standard in St. Raphel’s,
Ollur she did her sociology from the Calicut University. She is also talented in classical dance which she
learned from her teacher Kamalam.

"I am not for glamour" - Gopika


Crowned as Miss College during her farewell, she was admired for her beauty and charming smile. She aimed
to be an airhostess but landed into the film industry with great movies to her credit such as 4 the People, Chaandu pott,  Kanaa Kanden, Thotti Jaya, Autograph, 4 students, Ponniyin Selvan. She claims that she never wanted to be an actress.

She did her own dubbing for her movies in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil. The beauty contest Miss Thrisoor
was turning point in her life. Though she did not win the title she stood as the first runner up in
the contest which gained her few modeling assignments.





Director Tulasi Das gave her a debut in his “Pranayamanithooval” which did not do well but got her
recognition in the film industry. She got a second movie “For the People” which was a blockbuster and had
prints dubbed in many different Indian Languages. The movie was directed by Jayaraj and she acted
opposite Bharath. The song “Lejjavathi Ninda Kalla Kadaikkannil” of the movie “For the People” was also a
big hit in Kerala. Renowned Tamil movie director, Cheran singed her up for his movie Autograph which was
another big hit in 2004.She also enacted in Kana Kandein.

Among her other movies she has acted in four Malayalam films, Kanada film “Kanasina Loga” and the Telgu
remake of “Azhagi”. Her Telgu film Leta Manasulu crashed the box office was directed by Raju Upati. She is
going to star in the Malayalam movie “Kirtichakra” opposite Mohanlal, the Malayalam super star. Directed
by Major Ravi the movie tells the story about a soldier against the backdrop of Kargil war. Apart from
Kirtichakra she is also doing another movie with Dileep “Pachakuthira”. Her previous movie with Dileep
“Chahnthupottu” was a big hit.

In the Tamil film industry she is working on “Ashokamitran” staring opposite Dhanush. She is now set to
star in Suresh Gopi's, Janman. She will be one of the movie's three heroines.

Gopika, the young actress from Kerala, made it big in Tamil due to the huge success of Cheran’s Autograph.
Back home her Malayalam film 4 the People’s success gave her the much needed break. Fortunately, for her,
two hit films were remade in Telugu and those too become hits. She has arrived in all the South Indian
languages. Gopika speaks to Galatta.com editor in an exclusive interview.

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One film old! You have become so popular! Comment

It’s all God’s gift! I never expected this. The offer which I got in my first Tamil film itself was too
good. Thanks to Cheran sir! Cheran sir came to Allepey for location hunt for his film Autograph. He was
looking out for a new ‘mallu’ girl for that particular character. Production executive Kabir showed my
photos among other 5 girls. He selected me and assured that this role would be a talked about which has
come true today. I was made to dub my own voice after so much of coaxing because it was Malayalee girl's

You appeared so goodie...goodie in your first film! From the promos of your next film Kanaa Kanden, it  appears you have taken to glamour!
No way would I do very glamourous role. In KK, it goes well with the story. I think you are talking about
a particular song picturised on me and hero Srikanth. It’s a situational song. Actually in the original
context the song is sung by the newly married in the bedroom. Since we felt it would not suit me, the
director KV Anand changed it to outdoor duet. He also promised that he would take it in a subtle way. I
took him for confidence. But I have not even worn any revealing dresses in that song.

Though you are a Malayalee, Gopika looks perfect Telugu girl was the general feel of audience who watched Naa Autograph. How do you feel about it?
I was elated and it was because of the powerful character. Also it was a remake, and I was very
comfortable. The success in Tamil gave confidence in Telugu.

Heard your younger sister is also being launched in Tamil!
My sister Gliny is getting lot of offers. She has just completed her plus2. Seriously there are no plans
to launch my little sister in films.

Have you changed after becoming a top actress?
First of all I don’t consider myself as a top actress. My entering film is only accidental. I do not
believe in these ‘number games’. So I do not really crave to reach to top. I will do my
work and leave the
rest to God!

What are your future commitments?
My next release would be Kanaa Kanden where I play a serious role as wife of Srikanth, Thotti Jaya with
Simbhu where I am a college student. I am looking forward a lot from to Ponniyin Selvan, where I am teamed
up with Ravi Krishna because for the first time I am trying out comedy in this film.

Gopika has had two releases in Telugu so far --- Naa Autograph and Letha Manasulu. Both cannot be classified as hits. But Gopika is now being classified as a star material.

What does the heroine think about her rise here and elsewhere? Check-out in this interview:

How does it feel to be a top actress in such a short span?
It is all unbelievable. Frankly, as like most of the actresses, I had not intention of joining films. But I won a beauty contest back in my hometown Thrissur and a couple of ads for a popular jewellery shop. Soon enough the film offers started and before long I was off.

But from Malayalam you went to Tamil and then only you came to Telugu. Explain this journey
I guess it is all a logical proc
ess. After seeing my 4 The People, Cheran (the Tamil film director) sought me out for his film. After all the tests, I was made one of the heroines in his film Autograph. Though there two other actresses including Sneha, my role was spoken about very highly. The Malayalam-based role went down well with masses. And when they decided to do the film In Telugu, it was natural that I played the role. In fact, except for Bhumika, all of the three other heroines had worked in the Tamil original.

Take us through your first Telugu film's experience
What do I say except that fact that I have had great memories of the film. I don't know whether it is a hit. But I know for a fact that I have been accepted well. My role has been appreciated. It is a simple but powerful character. It is the pivot on which the movie sits. The natural innocence and strong will of the character is a wonderful combination. I enjoyed every minute it. It appeals to the sensitivities and sensibilities of every one.

On Letha Manasulu
Well, this is another author-backed role. In the Tamil original Deivayani played it. Then again, it is a powerful character of a woman who has to take on her husband's other woman. Then again a lot of thought had gone into the characterization. I guess there was not even a single coarse dialogue in the film.

n the two, which role do you identify with more?
Difficult to tell. Both have a beautiful side to them. Tenderness is at the core of both the characters. I guess it has to be Naa Autograph, because it is more slice-of-life. It is from everyone'' life.

How was it working with stars like Ravi Teja and Srikanth?

Absolutely fine. Both are professionals. One is a mass hero and another has family hero sentiment. Both put me at ease and never behaved as big stars with me. In fact, it has been a pleasant experience working in Telugu. The people have been nice and sweet.

Your next film, Yuvasena, too is a remake. Does it feel bad to be doing only remakes?
I guess I have to make do with what comes my way. Ideally, I would want to do roles that are new. But having said that, these roles were one time new and fresh. So somewhere down the line I have to make compromises.


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