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 Malayalam Tamil Actress Sandhya

Actress Sandhya is a busy heroine in Tamil and Malayalayam movie industry today for she has offers lined up one after another following the big hit in Kadhal. A student of standard X, Sandhya is young but mature enough to be clear of her priorities. She did an excellent start in her first Tamil movie Kadhal

Kadhal film has become a superhit film and now the film's heroine Sandhya is contacted by many film producers and directors. Sandhya's real name is Revathy.

She got Best South Indian Actress award on her first movie "Kadhal

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   She says, 'I would not play glamourous roles and would be choosy in selecting scripts'.

Revathy aka Sandhya says, 'after seeing my photographs, director Balaji Sakthivel called me for his film Kadhal. After hearing the script, I was elated to have been chosen for the movie'. I had never dreamt of becoming an actress till then. I am grateful to Director Balaji Sakthivel who made me the heroine of his film.'

'Even in Malayalam, my debut movie Alice In Wonderland did well. However, I am keen to act in Tamil movies and will establish a place for myself here'.

On her forthcoming ventures, Sandhya says, 'after Kadhal, I am acting with Silambarasan in Vallavan and then I would share the screen for a movie titled Dishoom with Jeeva. The movie would be directed by Rojakootam fame Sasi. By the year-end, I would join hands with Bharath again for a movie titled Koodal Nagar.'



Question: How do you feel about becoming the heroine of the film "Kadhal"?

Answer: I was attending my tenth standard classes and I was about to write my quarterly exams during which I got the chance to act in the film "Kadhal". I had never dreamt of becoming an actress. I am grateful to Director Balaji Sakthivelu who made me the heroine of his film.

Question: Were you forced to take up this film based on your family financial conditions?

Answer: There were no such problems. In fact, my father is a cashier in a National Bank. My mother is a housewife. My elder brother is doing his engineering in Chennai. My family financial conditions are good, so I was not forced to act in this film.

Question: About Balaji Sakthivelu what is your opinion?

Answer: He came to my house one day and narrated the story of "Kadhal". While he was narrating a particular scene to me, tears rolled down from his eyes. I noticed that Balaji was involved with the story of "Kadhal". He advised me to act in this film by following his instructions.

Question: Do you foresee anymore film opportunities?

Answer: Yes. After seeing the film, my friends, relatives and others began to praise me. I have got this recognition and popularity only because of director Balaji Sakthivel.

Question: Who's your role model?

Answer: I told you that I don't know how to act. I have just followed the instructions of the director. How can I mimic or copy anyone? But after seeing my film, I am confident that I could do any role in the future.

Question: Have you fallen in love with anyone?

Answer: This is the age for anyone to fall in love. I don't love anyone at present.

Question: What is the difference between doing a father role in cinema and being a real father?

Answer: In "Kadhal" Iswarya's father loves his daughter though he acts as a cruel person in the film. In real life, my father Ajith Kumar and mother Maya love me very much. They are good and kind hearted. When I and my brother Rahul fight for the T.V remote control in our house, my father used to provide us knives to fight with. Then we will put an end to our fight. So far, my father had not beaten me at all.

Question: Tamil heroines have to expose...

Answer: No problem about that. I can do glamour roles. As most of them who saw "Kadhal" told me that I have something strange in me so that I could attract people very easily.

Question: On your future?

Answer: When I was studying in fifth standard I wanted to become a doctor. When I was studying in seventh standard I wanted to become a teacher. In the 10th standard I wanted to become a fashion designer. However, as of now I want to become a famous actress

A student of Vidyodaya, Sandhya will be appearing for her X standard examination this September. She says, 'though acting is my career now, I would continue with my studies. I wanted to become a fashion designer, but eventually ended up as an actress'.

Sandhya is a surefooted heroine when she says, 'an actress who can perform well on the screen will no doubt achieve success whichever language she ventures to. No doubt, my forthcoming movies would not only do good business but also help me establish as a successful actress'.

Realism is usually the biggest casualty in romantic movies in Tamil cinema. Various factors like impractical situations, a necessity to project the hero's heroism and stunt sequences aided by graphics ensure that such films rarely, if ever, reflect the real world. The few movies that do, fall into the 'art movie' category, being too slow to be entertaining. Kaadhal successfully bridges the gap between naturalism and entertainment. Inspite of being a cliched rich girl-poor boy love story, its realistic characterization and situations give us the impression of watching reality itself rather than a movie's take on it.
Iswarya(Sandhya), the school-going daughter of a rich man falls for Murugan(Bharath), a mechanic and pursues him rather aggressively. Soon Murugan falls in love with her too. When Iswarya's family fixes up an alliance for her, she asks Murugan to take her away and marry her. So the young couple elope to Chennai where they request the help of Stephen(Sukumar), Murugan's relative.
Kaadhal is definitely one of the most 'natural' movies I have seen. Artificial and cinematic moments are almost completely absent as Bharath and Sandhya first fall in love and then go on the run. Many sequences, like Sandhya's coming-of-age function, are so realistic that we feel that we are actually a participant rather than an onlooker in the celebrations. All the supporting characters feel completely real and every expression of emotion and every line spoken seem straight from the heart rather than the product of a script writer's imagination. Kaadhal achieves the most difficult job of a movie - making us forget that it is a movie!

The romance between Bharath and Sandhya is cute but it is after they elope that the movie really takes off. This is not one of those movies where the hero fights off rowdies, finds an unfinished building to move in with his lover or starts a small hotel to support her and soon becomes a big hotelier! The harsh reality of life hits the young couple within a single day of running away. Sandhya's predicament(which she has trouble talking about even to Bharath) as they wait for their friend and the way they spend the night without a place to stay all ring true and make them earn our sympathy. Their sneaking around in the men's hostel leads to some funny moments too in the middle of all the sadness.
Because of its realism, Kaadhal manages to present a lead pair that we care for and who we wish would get together. This helps us get involved in the movie. There is a sequence where Sandhya's uncle, a calm and reasonable man, takes Bharath and Sandhya in the car. Inspite of a perfectly normal conversation, the scene manages to generate real tension only because we have come to care for Bharath and Sandhya intimately. After such realism throughout, the climax seems a little cinematic and rushed. What is most surprising about this is that the climax is actually based on a real character and true happenings. Looking back, it is a powerful and emotional climax but it fails to have a strong impact while watching the movie because of the way it is handled.

While director Balaji Sakthivel guides most of the movie with a firm hand, his one weak area seems to be comedy. While the Bharath's assistant raises laughs with his dialogs and delivery, his acts when Sukumar visits the shop, are extremely crude. Similarly, Sukumar's story about his entry into the hostel is not very funny and also doesn't fit into the movie at that point.

With Chellame and now this, Bharath seems to be getting some plum projects. He fits the role perfectly here, be it his body language as the mechanic or his softness with Sandhya. His helplessness after he arrives in the city is touching while his sincere attempt to make Sandhya happy shines through. Sandhya has a very expressive face and puts it to good use when pursuing Bharath. It is a terrific performance that brings before our eyes a hotheaded girl who gets what she wants without thinking too much about the consequences. She joins the short list of actresses(so far, I can think of only Sneha) who acts without seeming to act though she negates a lot of it by overacting(even if for just a minute or so) during the climax. She takes most of the blame for the climax seeming cinematic. Sukumar comes through in both the heavy and light portions. The actors playing Sandhya's father and uncle get a lot of the credit for adding realism to the proceedings. Debutante Joshua Andrews delivers a great soundtrack. Unakkena... is soulful and melodious while Kirukiruvena... sounds fresh because of the way a single word is repeated. The fast-paced Thottu Thottu... and Poovum Pudikkuthu... are both catchy.

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