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Tamil Actress Sneha 's Picture Gallery

Name:  Suhasini
DOB:  12th October
Place Of Birth:  Mumbai
Mother Tongue:  Telugu
Father's Name: Rajaram Naidu
Mother's Name: Padmavathy
Brothers: Balaji, Govind
Sister: Sangeetha
Hobbies: Reading Books and Listening Music
First Tamil Movie: Virumbugiren


Sneha is the only actress in Tamil and malayalam movies now who refuses to show cleavage. She is the only heroine who stays away from 'glamour roles'. In this age and time when only heroines who show flesh are getting roles, she's still sticking to the policy of 'no exposing'. Still, she has earned a good position in movies now and has proved herself as an actress of caliber. 
Why are so uptight about exposing?
I don't think showing off flesh is necessary to get chances. I am not comfortable playing such roles. Anyhow, my 'homely roles' have been appreciated by all. So, why should I change my stance?

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Who do you think is your competitor among your contemporaries?

It s me myself! Yes, I want to compete with each film of mine. I always pity the downtrodden. I love to do whatever simple help within my limit. I am happy to take advantage of my stardom to raise funds for them.



Why are you so rigid about glamour roles?

I want to do only decent roles. For me my performance is very important, not exposing myself. I don t think it is a must to do glamorous role. I am also not comfortable with such outfits. I have a certain limit beyond which I would not cross. Sarees suit me well. I have fan followers for my homely and girl next door looks only. I do not want to compromise on this.





What have you planned for the future?

I might shift over to other language films like talks are on to do a Telugu film.


Your dream films?
My dream is to act in Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan's films. It would be great honour to work with these legends. I must win many awards including national awards. I should ensure the recognition from the public as a good actress.

How do you receive the comments about you?
"I don't take things seriously. I take them in my strides. I don't generally read the criticisms about her. Even while I chance to read some of them, I won't take them to heart. I will just leave them as they are. Why should I bother about baseless rumors? There is no need to feel sorry about what lies!

Malayalam Actress Sneha

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