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Wife Manju Varrier
Daughter Meenakshi
Address Dileep,'Padhmasarovaram', 6/440, VIP Road, Alluva 682003, Kerala

Profile of Dileep

Name Dileep Gopalakrishnan
DOB October 27, 1968
Parents Padhmanabhan Pillai and Saroja
Place of Birth Alluva, Ernakulam
Education 'Vidhyaadhiraaj, Alluva, SNV Sadanam, UC College, Alluva, Maharaja College, Ernakulam
Degree MA History
First Onscreen Appearance 'Yennodu Ishtam Koodaamo', a tiny role
Jobs Held Mimicry Artist, Assistant Director. Actor, these days.
First Big Break 'Maanatha Kottaarathil'

Dileep was born in Alwaye near Ernakulam to Padmanabhan Pillai and Sarojam. Dileep did his pre-degree days at U.C. College and graduated from Maharajas College, Ernakulam. He is happily married to Manju Warrier and has a daughter, Meenakshi. He got 'Mathrubhumi' popular actor of the year 2002 award. Dileep won the 'Mathrubhumi' popular actor of the year award at Kochi. Manju Varier, his wife, received the award on his behalf. Dubai Atlas film awards: DILEEP selected BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR

 " I didn't even dream of such a success. God is working so many miracles", says Dileep. However, watching movies has always been Dileep's favourite hobby. He never selects the movies to watch and is interested in all types and languages of films. As different movies have different moods all movies are good according to Dileep. However comedy and action movies are his favourites. However whether he watches the movie on television or in the theatre he never takes the trouble to study more of movie making. He has never participated in any film festival. He enjoys watching the television too and says it is fun to keep surfing channels.






However he complains of not having enough time for this pastime. He loves music too. "I do not know how to sing but I enjoy listening to music. Manju is a very good singer."


Super Hit Films
Kalayana Raman 2002,  Gramaphone 2002, Kunjikunnan 2002, Meesha Madhavan 2002, Mazhathukillukam 2002, Kunji Koonan
Suthratharan 2001, Ishtam 2001, Thenkasipattanam 200, Parakkum Thalika 2001, Rakshasa Rajavu 2001,
Dhosth 2001, War and Love 2001, Darling Darling 2000, Devaspharsam 2000 , Joker 2000, Mr.Butler 2000, Summer In Arabia 2000
Udayapuram Sultan 2000, Varna Kazhchakal 2000 ,Kaikkudunna Nilavu 1999 , Megham 1999 , Punjabi House 1998 , Kudamaatam 1997, Sallapam 1996 , Swapna Lokathe Balabaskaran 1996 , Aanthrikakkuthira , super hit  films were Varna Koichagal, Joker, Tenkasi Patnam, meesha madhavan, kunji koonan, Chandu Pott, Pandi Pada, Kochi Rajavu and Dost. Dileep got noticed through the super hit 'Sallapam'.

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