Kuchacko Boban

Name: Kunchacko Boban
Mother Name: Molly Boban
Father Name: Boban Kunchacko
Two Sisters: Anu, Minu
Religion: Christian
Address: Kunchacko Boban, Maliampurackal, Convent Square, Allappey
First Movie: Aniyathipravu
- Nick Names:
Chacko, Chackochan,

I never thought of coming into films itself. It was quite accidental. For me acting in films is something that just happened one fine morning. And so, I cannot say for sure as to what would happen in future. Maybe I'd take to some other aspect of films too. But which aspect, I can't say now. I have a lot of limitations as an actor.

I cannot aspire to be a National Award winner or an Oscar winning actor. I just want people to accept me as a not-so-boring actor, i.e, a good actor. That's what I can call my ultimate ambition. I aim at doing whatever role I get to the best of my ability and of course within my limitations.

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Kunchacko Boban, more popular as Chackochan, turned the heartthrob of teenagers with his first film, the Fazil-directed Aniyaththipraavu, a trendsetter of sorts. And since then, Chackochan has managed to retain his position in filmdom.

This 'lover boy' of Malayalam Cinema, who has starred in many love-stories on celluloid, including Nakshatrathaaraattu, Niram, Priyam, Chandamama, Prem Pujari, Ingane Oru Nilaapakshi, Mazhavillu, Mayilpeelikaavu, Satyam Sivam Sundaram, Kalyaanaraaman etc, has also rendered on screen some serious characters like that in Satyan Anthicaud's Narendran Makan Jayakaanthan Vaka etc..





About Maliampurakal Familly

Maliampurakal Mani Chacko who started the first boat service in Kuttanadu. He was the geat grand father of Boban. The family got the credit of having the first film studio in kerala called "Udaya". The studio produced and released many popular movies like Jeevitha Nouka, Bharya, Nalla thanka etc..

Till Kunchacko's death the family was united and afterward, Kunchacko's sons took over Udaya and Kunchacko's brother and sons started Navodaya. Novodaya Appachan introduced directors like Fazil and Mohan lal and Fazil introduced Kunchako Boban in 1997 in his movie called "Aniyathi Pravu"





Lets see how how Kunchacko Boban spends his day time if he doesn't have any shooting?

Let's have a look at Kunchacko's one day.

In the mornings, he wakes up at nearly 7 O'clock (don't forget this fact : his most favorite hobby is sleeping!) and goes to the basketball court. After playing around one hour, comes back home, takes a little food and goes for bathing.

Then? Of Course, directly to the bed !

If he gets up at around 12 O'clock mistakenly(?!), engages in his 'home-works'. On some days , there may be visitors or film workers. Else, spends the time with family.

Usually, the lunch would be having at some 3 O'clock. 'Karimeen' (a kind of fish) is compulsory. If he's at the shooting sets unfortunately, his mother and sisters will come there with 'Karimeen', often....!

After 'installing' the food, gets involved either in reading or chatting with friends through the net.

At evenings, he'll be there at the badminton court of United Clubs, near Alleppey beach. After the play (that may extend up to 9 P.M.!) directly to the nearby juice-shop with friends.

Anyhow, he'll reach the home by nearby 10 O'clock. After supper again gets involved in reading or chatting. Finally ends up the day by sleeping at around 3 O'clock …(?!)

That's all. What a 'simple-humble' life! ..