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Malayalam Actor Prithviraj

Name - Prithviraj

Born: -1983

Height 6' (1.83 cm)

Father:- Sukumaran

Mother:- Mallika

Brother:- Indrajith

Brother wife: Poornima


Address02 : TAGORE NAGAR

Son of late actor Sukumaran and actress Mallika. Did his schooling from Sainik School, Thiruvananthapuram and Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan School, Thiruvananthapuram.  He also took a degree course in IT from the University of Tasmania, Australia. Studied Engineering at the University of Tasmania, Australia. While vacationing in Trivandrum, he was grabbed by director Ranjith to act in Nandanam (2002). He was then flooded with other tempting film offers that Prithviraj, then in his second year in Engineering, decided to take a break from studies to concentrate on acting.

The talented new commer Prithviraj, who was considered the new hope of Malayalam cinema a couple of years ago but is still struggling to find his bearings at the box office. Among the current crop of new faces in Malayalam cinema, Prithviraj is the most bankable star these days. Even before his first film was released, this 22-year-old boy was a marked person. It takes time for the Malayalam audience to accept a hero as a cop. But Prithviraj seems to have made the transition very fast and successfully. The film 'Sathyam' and his role in the film have been greatly appreciated by everybody. .




Your father and you have both picked up fights with AMMA. What is the similarity between the ban that your father faced and your current position with AMMA?

My father and I did what we felt was right. We spoke what we thought was right. My father stood by what he said. My decision to stand up to AMMA has nothing to do with it.

Did you consult with AMMA before you made your decision on signing the KFC agreement?

I had lost out many film offers on an issue I had nothing to do with. Still, I supported AMMA and waited for months without any work at home. I had lost out three big offers. Senior stars were the ones who were supposed to take the decisions in AMMA. I don't say that they didn't try, but, they weren't able to reach a decision. When I asked them about it, they said that losing couple of films was fine. It was no big deal. That made me uneasy.

I'm starting my career here. The directors and producers are under no pressure to cast me. I don't think those superstars would have said the same thing had it been 15 years ago when they were starting their careers. Now, they are superstars. Even if they don't shoot for a year, the films with
them in the lead roles will wait. It was not the case with me. Still I was ready to wait. The president of AMMA assured me that the problem would be solved before we return from the Gulf countries. It didn't happen. Nobody said anything to me. I had to decide fast.

Did you consult with anybody else before you arrived at this decision?


 I had talked about this to my family members. I had also spoken to people like Fasil, Vinayan, Kamal, Ranjit, Lohitadas and Bhadran on this.

Did you speak to other stars?

In the cine industry I wasn't all that close to other actors. I had excellent relationship only with the directors of my films. They are like my gurus. Actually, this is the case with many actors too. They are usually closer to their directors than with other stars.


Do you feel uneasy about acting with anyone who opposed you during the clash?

I really don't. I had my own reasons for making the decision. They will have their reasons for standing by AMMA. I don't blame them.

Do you feel that others have grudges about acting with you?

I haven't come across it yet. As of today I have completed only 'Sathyam'. I didn't face any hostility during the making of that film from my costars. I don't know about the future though.

Your father Sukumaran had problems with AMMA. Your brother had problems during the elections. Now, you are having your own list of troubles with AMMA. What exactly is the issue between your family and AMMA?

This is sheer coincidence. Whatever our troubles with AMMA be, outside the industry, senior actors like Mohanlal and Mammooty are good friends of the family.

Is your mother Mallika your manager?

My mother doesn't even know what films I'm working in right now. But, she is the one who encourages me to act in films. I lose my temper very easily. She is the one who teaches me how to control it.


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