Malayalam Actor Jaya Surya

Name - Jaya Surya

Wife:- Saritha

Sex : Male
Date of birth : 1978
Address01 : SURYA NIVAS, FLAT NO. G/334
Place : COCHIN-36
State : KERALA
Phone1 : 04842322380

 I took my own time in narrating how I discovered. Saritha, my life partner. "A few years back, her grandmother spoke to me on the phone-in programme on ACV. She also introduced to me all members of her family, following which both the families became close. We told them that we wanted to shift to Kochi city, from Pettah in the outskirts, where we were staying. And they told us about the vacant flat in
their apartment complex, into which we moved in. Love grew, but our parents did not know. We decided to wait till Saritha completed her M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Bangalore. I visited their flat and told her family that I wished to marry her, before telling my parents of our decision. There was opposition from both sides, but we stood our ground, Jayasurya added. The neighbours got wedded four months back in Kochi. Jayasurya, who has been introduced in Vinayan’s Oomapenninu Uriyaadaapayyan. TELEVISION GAVE me my life and my wife, says the film actor, Jayasurya.
Jayasurya, who has been introduced in Vinayan’s Oomapenninu Uriyaadaapayyan. He does not behave like a star though he is on the road to one. He makes you feel very important. Yeah, of course, he's frenetically funny. That's presenting Jayasurya, the handsome, commerce graduate and the latest hero of Malayalam cinema, for you. Rapier retorts and high voltage banter come with ease. Well, that is his trump card too. And best of all, there's a child like enthusiasm. Right now, his heart burns hotter than a hand grenade. He has every reason to be so. His debut film as a hero `Ooma Penninu Uriyada Payyan' is slated for release on March 31. His hopes are pinned on the film's success.

Kochiites easily identify him as the king of quips. His `live' television phone-in programmes are hugely popular. He has anchored shows, dubbed for films and has been a professional mimicry artist.

His first major success was when he hosted the show `Jagathy vs Jagathy' on Surya T.V. three years ago. The programme which showcased the clippings from the versatile actor Jagathy Sreekumar's films, ran for one and a half years. Then the shows for the city based channels began to appear.

``The live phone-in programmes on the ACV channel gave me amazing mileage,'' Jayasurya's eyes sparkle, ''and I'm addicted to it''. His friendly chat with callers was more appreciated than even the funny questions he asked. His innocent looks, funny one-liners and his uncanny ability to be friendly with the elders as easily as he does with youngsters, made him a popular anchor. Ace director Vinayan, known for his expertise in churning up hit after hit with fresh faces, was looking for a young hero for his new film `Oomapenninu Uriyada payyan'. He came to know about Jayasurya from his son who had seen the programme on TV.

The immensely talented local Kochi lad who never missed a new film, passed it off as a joke when he first heard about Vinayan's plans to launch him as a hero, from his friends. ''That was too good to believe,'' says he.

When he finally got the call from the director, it was one moment he would never forget in his life. His prayers and his parent's blessings have brought him luck, he believes. To be launched by such a successful director in a film with a unique topic is something that not everyone gets. How can the chatterbox play a mute in the film? ''That's one question everyone asks me, even during my television shows,'' smiles the hero.

He had done a lot of homework by staying with such people. On his return from Mookambika, he interacted like a mute person with his fellow passengers on the train, but none could find out the truth. He learnt sign language also. Once shooting started, the director, his co-stars and the technicians were extremely helpful, he fondly remembers. Actor Cochin Haneefa, who is also a successful director, gave him some tips during the shoot. Vinayan, the direct
or, gave him enough encouragement. All that has eventually helped in making the film a good one, he hopes. What was the chemistry like with his heroine Kavya Madhavan? ''She never behaved like a star,'' he says, ''but she's an amazing actress.'' His face lights up at the thought of his first shot for the film. The scene had noted stars like Jagadeesh, Harisri Asokan and Sudheesh, besides the hero. The scene shot was a very emotional one and he was thrilled when the director nodded with satisfaction at the end of the perfect take.

He feels it is the perfect launch pad as the film deals with a serious subject with some excellent comedy scenes too. But his foray into films was not so easy. He had approached virtually every director in the industry before he finally made it as an actor. On
the home-front, he is particularly attached to his `Amma' in whom he confides everything. He likes to spend his spare time with his family, in his flat at Panampilly Nagar and wants to remain a part of Kochi, where he has always been. His friends are in fact more concerned about the film's success, than him, he says. Jayasurya adores Shah Rukh Khan and believes Manju Warrier to be the best thing to have happened to Malayalam cinema in recent times. Quiz him on a role that he wishes should have been his and he says, ''Why one? Every time I watch a good movie, I wish it were me playing it''. Several projects are in the pipeline and he

waits with crossed fingers for his dreams to come true.

Saritha never thought that she would marry a film actor. "It was not love at first sight. We talked about a lot of things and
concluded that we could get along well. Jayasurya came into my life at a time when I had lost my father. He enlivened the
family with his pranks - this made us get closer. Even now he makes fun of my grandmother," says Saritha, who is looking for
a job in Kochi.

She says that he is very childish and easy-going. Jayasurya saw to it that he chatted up his wife all though the interview. He talked of how the Kottayam bus stand reminded him of his mimicry days, since he even used to sleep there, after having missed the last bus to Kochi.

Jayasurya, who played a dumb painter in Oomapenninu Uriyada Payyan, his debut film, has just returned to Kerala from Chennai
after completing the shooting for Vasool Raja MBBS, the Tamil version of Munnabai MBBS, the Hindi movie which starred Sanjay
Dutt. "I also act as a cancer patient in a movie in which Kamal Hassan plays the lead role. I feel that he is a university in
himself as far as cinema is concerned," says the actor, whose debut movie was shot in Tamil and Kannada .

Being a mimicry artiste has helped him in his career. "I had taken care not to mimic super stars, lest I imitate their voice
in movies. I studied the mannerisms of dumb people before acting in Oomapenninu... Mimicry is part of me. Even now, I go for
stage shows and private functions," he says, adding that his sister-in-law, Saranya, mimics him.

From Oomapenninu... to his latest release, Chathikkatha Chandu, has been a long ride. The couple plan to combine their
honeymoon and a few stage shows in Dubai and in the U.S. As of now, Jayasurya cannot think of anything but a career in