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Interview with Sharu khan


What will Sharukh do during the long sabbatical after Ashutosh Gowariker's Swades ?

Watch my kids grow, borrow some of my son's expressions. He's really funny at times. Twenty years down the line I don't want to say I never had the time to see my kids grow up. I want to chauffeur my son on his dates, I want to beat up the boys who will date my daughter.

So you don't mind dancing at weddings?

I don't. Even you would, if you made the kind of money I did. Only no one would want you to. Ha!

And movies?

I'll dance in the movies only when I want to. I'm not a "my a---e is for sale actor". Make no mistake.

When will you do other kinds of cinema, better cinema?

When you start asking me other questions, better questions.

So what would your epitaph read?

He was a good guy... at least he tried. Come back tomorrow, I'll give you another quote.

Does Sharukh have a lot of enemies?

I dunno. Success has a lot of fathers and some enemies too I guess.

You can't handle competition?

I have no competition. Every year the names I'm pitted against keep changing. You can't cream the competition, you have to kill it. Some of the guys I was pitted against have more or less stopped acting. Ha!

What's this bisexual talk thing about Shah Rukh Khan?

That's rubbish. I don't do men, I don't do women. I'm happily in love with my wife. Hey, I like that line from Sex and the City I'm try-sexual. I try anything that's sexual. Okay, I'm try-sexual (laughs). No, hey, cut that out.

Will not. Women find Sharukh sexy...

Blame it on good taste. I think they find my characters Raj, Rahul, Devdas sexy, not me. They should see me early in the morning when I haven't brushed my teeth, with dishevelled hair and bleary eyes.

So what makes you so special?

Nothing really. I guess my tears on screen are real. You know something? Actors are like healers. In the turbulent darkness of a theatre, they give hope, joy to so many millions. They touch lives. You know what makes me special? I'm just an ordinary man in an extraordinary world.

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