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Interview of Salman Khan
One thought, and with reason enough, that Salman Khan had only biceps and some stylish hops to offer to Bollywood.

notion changed with time. Salman had acting cells in him as well. After all, he also was one with film lineage. Salman's father Salim is a renowned scriptwriter. And stepmom Helen leaves an indelible mark in Hindi films as the sensuous epitome of a cinematic diva.

Initially, Salman had only B-grade films that did mediocre business. The actor came of age with Sooraj Barjatya's Maine Pyar Kiya. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun's phenomenal success established Salman as one of the formidable Khan trio.

Today he is a sought after hero, working with almost all top banners. On the personal front, Khan had lovely ladies as his women. Salman's love story began with Sangeeta Bijlani and at the moment is on a halt with the ex-Miss World and Bollywood's current leading lady Aishwarya Rai.

Is this the first time you are playing a cop in the movie?

Salman: No, I played cop in the movie "Pathar Ke Phool" which my father wrote for me. But that was slightly early for me. This is the right time when the "Wardi" looks damn good on me. Once your walk is right, your costume is right; more than half the battle is won. You look your character and the battle is won.

Ques: Can you tell us a little bit about your character "Arjun Ranawat" in the movie "Garv"

Salman: He is a guy who is angry, gentle, soft, cool, hard, merciful, ruthless, correct, honest and very lovable. That's "Arjun Ranawat".

Ques: Is he Romantic?

Salman: Yah he is a man with confidence in just about everything. But when it comes to love, he is shy. He loves his girl, and cannot tell her.
He can shoot a person but when it comes to telling a person that he loves her, he cannot do that. He will sit back and look at her, smile at her, give her attitude and walk out of there.

Ques: In the movie "Garv" is your character based on a guy who fights against the system?

Salman: Pretty much! That's what the film is about. A guy who stands against the system and can't let evil take over the good. And so he fights for that.

Ques: Is this an action film?

Salman: Yes. It's an action film. There are films in which there is action just for the sake of it. But in this film we have meaningful action.
The action is hard-core. We have done a lot of shoot out scenes in the movie and there is also a lot of hand-to-hand action. There is one scene that is brutal, but we had to keep it that way to show what these people had done. So, there is action backed by emotion. Once that is there in the movie the action becomes ten times more powerful; you don't need any technique, you don't need cables and stuff like that. What you need is just one solid shot.

Ques: What kind of movies do you like?

Salman: I like comedy and romantic movies.

Ques: What about action movies?

Salman: Yah in action I like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Mr. Amitabh Bacchan's movies.

Ques: Tell us something about Puneet - the director of "Garv".

Salman: He is Brilliant. There are very few people in this film industry who are competent, and know each and every aspect of film-making. He used to be an actor and he has done Martial Arts too.
He is a humorous guy, technically brilliant and very straight. He has amazing script sense. He has put all this in the movie. That makes him a very complete director.

Ques: How is it working with Shilpa?

Salman: I have done about 6-7 movies with Shilpa and we are best of friends. There are no ego problems. No hassles, so it's like friends working together. It's amazing working with her. As an actress, she is damn good, dances very well, on screen she is phenomenon and has a huge fan following.

Ques: Who is your favourite co-star?

Salman: I like working with who ever I work with. If I don't like somebody I may not want to work with that person. But if I have to work with a person, I will make sure that I like that person. My Grand father always says that "Maan nafrat se nahi,pyar se bhadtha hai". So once you do a movie, you have to get along with the whole team. Even if you are pretending in the beginning, after 5-10 days you start liking that person.

Ques: Who is your favourite actor?

Salman: I like working with Sanjay Dutt. I have done one film with Sunny and its amazing working with him. I have worked with a lot of people. They say that Anil Kapoor is the most difficult to work with. But I think he is the coolest guy. Then Jackie Shroff. I have done two films with him and he is very hilarious. Now I am doing a film with Mithun Da. I worked with my hero Dharamji in "Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya". Working with Amitabh Bacchan in "Baaghban" was good fun.

Ques: What excites you about a role, whether it is the script or something else?

Salman: Since my father is a scriptwriter, script is more important for me. Even if my role is not so exciting, if I like the script, I will do it.
It's nice working with people who can think of a good script and can write a good script.

Ques: Are you a fitness freak? I believe you cycle to your shoot. Is that true?

Salman: Yes, I cycle to my shoot. I cycle just about everywhere.
I am not a fitness freak as such. It's just that when you are 70-80 years old you should be able to walk, cycle and run a little bit. You shouldn't be lying down on the bed and people, children and friends taking care of you. The day I stop walking that's the day I stop living.

Ques: What inspired you to become an actor?

Salman: Actually, I really don't know because I never wanted to be an actor. I wanted to be a director. When I used to go to people with my scripts people used to say that why do you want to be a director, you should be an actor. I was not getting any work as a director as I was a small guy, not very serious about his work, and directors at that time were 50-60 years old and looked very mature. And no one would trust me with that much of money. Since I had to work, so I started modelling. I joined acting classes, riding classes and everything. Eventually, I signed a film.

Ques: Can you tell us in brief about "Garv"

Salman: It's a film based on a very honest cop. He has a family - a sister, a mother and a friend who is a Muslim. And how two honest guys in that team get stuck and cornered by dishonest guys, dishonest cops, dishonest politicians and the janta who don't have the will to stand up to anyone, who cannot take stands in life. This is basically what "Garv" is all about. This guy fights against all odds & against the dishonest people. There are a lot of temptations, a lot of power but he is not misusing them at all. He is funny and has a good sense of humour. He is ruthless, yet very gentle, loving and caring. He has no mercy but gets merciful.
All these qualities are very contradictory, but I think these are the right qualities a man should have. He should have love as well as hatred. You are born with these qualities. But the way you use them, to what extent you take them and on whom do you use them with is totally up to you. If somebody is coming after my family I won't say, "theek hai, aap maar do". I will make sure that I reach that person before he reaches my family. So for that person this man is the most dangerous, ruthless man, who has no mercy for them. And to his own family, he is the most gentle, loving, and caring. This is "Arjun Ranawat."

Ques: What is the message you are sending out in the film? Why should people come and watch the movie?

Salman: There's no preaching in this film. It's a good film and you have amazing action. Out of all odds your hero emerges as a good guy. When you come out of the theatre you want to be like him. This guy is a brave guy, he takes a stand, doesn't take nonsense. Someone watching the film gets inspired by that, more than enough. Because these things stay! If he can do it, so can I. that's the reason even when I did "Tere Naam". I said whatever, do not follow the character. Sometimes the films that you do, you want to give out a message that "be like that and in some films it is like do not be like that."
This film, be like "Arjun Ranawat."

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