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Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:50 am

Cast: Nishan, Rima, Asif Ali.

Direction: Shyamaprasad
Music: Rahul Raj

This movie tells the story of three childhood friends Sarath, Varsha and Sunny who dreams about making it big in their own ways . However when they reunite for a new IT firm after drifting apart for a short while , they realize that the peculiar chemistry that they had between themselves has vanished .

The associated revelations about the hideouts in their personalities and irretrievable depths of their friendship proves the focus of the movie .
Trying to catchup with what they have lost in between time and space , Sharath realises that it is finally a day to call himself out of their memories and dreams and to start afresh.

Shyamaprasad has given a mature unhurried treatment to the theme that comes out of a well flushed up scriptlines by Joshua newton,armed with sensitive dialogues and emotional subtexts.

With references to sexual freedom, hypocrisy and gay life, this could well be a welcome rebellion against the shackles of formula that had been with the Mollywood cinema for quite some time .

There is not much an indifference when narrating these subtexts as they never seems much imposed upon the characters .

And in the little downside the characters could have more gelled well ,if it would have avoided the stereotype of flirting females working in IT sector .Also is the socialist tirade that sprouts up in intervals about the capitalist SEZ and IT parks constructed on poor man's ' lands looting them for being sincere .

Few dialogues in certain scenes also remain dramatic and pointless and could have been trimmed .
All the three new comers of the movie has done their part quite convincingly .Nishan as the wannabe writer Sharath varama is the best with a performance that look quite honest and sensitive.

Reema kallingal as Varsha has an emotion filled face but appear more sophisticated at times that demanded .Asif ali as Sunny is quite relaxed ,free flowing and ease through the most complicated of the roles though his dubbing could have been better .

Any how it's sure that all of them are here to stay. In the supporting cast journalist K.Govindankutty as Sarath's father and filmmaker M.G.Sasi, as sharath's idealistic elder brother, weaves some mentionable moments to cherish .

Rahul Raj has come up with the best works of his career in the music departments with songs like Pularumo Raavu… and Kukkukoo Theevandi…that fits well to the proceedings.His background scoring is also a treat to hear which contemplated the mesmeric visuals of urban landscapes etched out by Shyam Dutt's camera.

Vinod Sukumaran in the editing table has also made it a point that rash cuts and loaded effects don't make a great film,but well timed cuts definitely do . Altogether '"Rithu '' maintains that high technical standards expected of the movie .

The movies subtitles questions,'' seasons change ,do we? ''It's high time for Mollywood filmgoers to change and settle down from the regular potboilers and applaud films like Rithu'' which has its heart exactly at the right place.

Undoubtedly one of the best movie of the year,the movie proves to be worthwhile experiment from Shyamaprasd , that too with a specially handpicked fresh team.

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