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Mon Sep 26, 2005 5:31 pm

We have heard that you interfere with the scripting of your films?
You are right! My commitment is to the people and the producer. Till Joker I did not interfere with the script because a scriptwriter like Lohitadas does not need one. There are only ten directors in Kerala with whom I donít interfere and Lohitadas is among them.

You seem to be encouraging mimicry artistes...
Maybe because I came from that background. I have introduced most of the mimicry artistes in character roles only. Mimicry teaches you to observe and that quality is very important for an actor. For Runway I only suggested Indrajeet and he is not a mimicry actor

Did you turn producer for making more money?
Where is the guarantee? I wanted to make a film of my choice, started with CID Moosa and had a newcomer to direct it.

What happened to Kathavasheshan? It was not a commercial hit.
As a producer I have the liberty to produce a commercial film, an art film or a semi commercial film. I wanted to produce a good Malayalam film and Kathaveshan has emerged as the best Malayalam film in Indian cinema. To be frank, we didnít even expect the commercial results that it got. I am very much satisfied with the film. It gave me the kind of satisfaction that I wanted.

Even you previous film Rasikan bombed?
None of my films have been losses to the producers. Every film has done well including Rasikan. A lobby is out to spread the word that my film is a flop from the day one of the release but everyone knows the truth.

Tell us about your character in Paandipada, which is produced by you?
I am Bhuvanachandran, a real estate agent who wants to buy properties at a cheap prices, then sell them at the highest of prices and become rich. He dreams big and doesnít think about the consequences .My character in the film represents the usual average youth in real life who dreams big money and end up in all kinds of troubles. It has a mix of reality and fantasy. Rafi-Mecartin is handling the direction-. It is a pucca entertainer. It has Cochin Haneefa, Harisri Ashokan, Salim Kumar, Indrans, Navya Nair, Prakashraj, Sukumari etc. I believe it will turn out as good an entertainer as Punjabi House or Thenkaasipattanam. The film is for the family audience.

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