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Interview with Samvritha Suil

Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:06 am

Could you please tell us something about your family and schooling?

Father: Sunil into hotel business and my mother Sadhana, house wife. I have a sister Sangutha, +2 student and grandmother.

How come you entered into this fascinating world of cinema? Your first break?

During my college days at St.Teresas, Lal uncle and Rajeev uncle called me for a screening test at Rasikan¡¦s shooting location, where I got selected and my career started of from there..

About your character in PothenBava?

It is a film based on music .In this I am a Namboodiri girl named Gayaytri. Mammootty and Gopika are my co-actors in the movie.

As a new comer what is your opinion about the latest trend in cinema?

Like Tamil and Hindi film industry, Malayalam cinema should also promote new comers.

Your intimate friend in cine field?

Kavya, Bhavana, Gopika and ¡K¡K(the list goes on ¡Kseems all the girls in this field are friends ƒº )

Secret of your beautiful silky hair?

Nothing in particular ¡Kwill keep the hair neat and tidy.

Which is the favorite role you have played so far?

I really love the role in Achanuranagatha Veedu.

Do you do your homework before getting into a character?

Eg ; the character in Achanurangatha veedu.
Nothing much¡Kbut in Achanurangatha veedu I just practiced the customs and prayers.

Any dream role?

Uh¡Kroles that done by Manju chechy¡K

¡¥Nottam¡¦ was a huge break for you. Could you please share the experience you had at the sets of ¡¥Nottam¡¦.

I really enjoyed when people identified me as a ¡§pachapanamthatha¡¨

How do you react to gossips?

Gossips ¡K.I don¡¦t care¡K

If you would have not ended up as an actress ,what would have been your choice?

During my studies I didn¡¦t aim for an engineer or doctor¡Kbut by God¡¦s grace, now I am here ¡KIts all because of the people who encourage me¡KI request the same support from all of you.

About marriage?

Hey man..I am too young to get hooked to someone¡K(laughs)

How did you evaluate yourself on the varied roles from a simple village girl in Rasikan to modern girl in Moonamathoral.

I got several offers which are very different from each other¡KYes I am lucky to get that¡K.

According to you what is love?

About Love¡K.. (gave an innocent smile¡K)

Your favourite colour,dish , dress..

Color: White, Blue, Black
Food: Ice Cream
Dress: Saree

Your favourite location.

Location: Peerumedu (Achanurangatha Veedu)

If you had a rebirth, then who would you like to be?

I love to be Samvrutha itself¡K

How will you celebrate onam this year?

This ONAM will celebrated along with 'PothanBava' crew in its location

Any message to the upcoming stars¡K
Every field has its own pros & cons, So don't just go back romours. It is a fasinating field where one can get an identity of their own.

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