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Mon Oct 24, 2005 10:28 pm

Prithiviraj who dons the police officer role in Satyam is clashing with the titans for the Onam season. Son of late actor Sukumaran, Prithiviraj after the success of Velinakshatram was in news for not toeing the AMMA diktat. He has also been linked with the young actresses in Kerala. His future films are for Priyanandan (Neyuthukaran fame) with MT’s story; a film for Lal creations, one film each with director's Vinayan, Kamal and Renjith. Prithiviraj takes time for a brief chat. Excerpts

Since your father and mother were in films, I think it was natural that you stepped into films?

(laughs) In fact I had nothing to do with films. My parents too had no idea of me entering films. They always kept me away from filmdom. I was studying in Australia for my Master’s in Technology. On a two-month vacation in Trivandrum script writer Renjith saw me and felt that I would suit the film Nandanam which he was to direct. Even when I said okay, making a film career was not on my mind. It was something to do during my vacation. I left back to Australia.

On what basis do you accept films?

I go by what the director’s say. I have entire trust in the director’s ability. If he feels that I suit the role then what better judge can I be?

Are you not conscious of building an image?

I don’t have an image at all. The first film Nandanam was a soft role while the first hit was Violence an action film. A total action film. After that was Velinakshtram which again was not a romantic film but a horror film. In Akale I played the role of a 58-year-old man.

Did you learn acting and other skills for a career in films?

(laughs). If you mean joining the dance class or take training in martial arts, then the answer is no. My directors have been my tutors. I have found that director’s themselves are very good actors. I have been lucky to work with directors like Kamal, Bhadran, Vinayan, Lohitadas and Renjith. Each of them has taught me something or the other. I am a director’s actor. I just do what they ask me to do.

How’s the competition?

The public thinks I am a competitor to great actors like Mohanlal or Mamooty. I am Prithiviraj who just doing my job. I cannot be an actor like Mohanlal. They are all legends.

You are linked with every heroine in Kerala?

(laughs) I have been engaged – married or simply having an affair with all the heroines in Kerala. All my heroines are young like me and so we get along well. Nothing more to it.

You seem to be accepting every offer that comes your way?

Most of the films are just announcements made in magazines. I hardly know anything about these projects.

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