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Valmiki Ramayanam Online Edition

Chapter 1        Chapter 2        Chapter 3        Chapter 4

Ram Sita...

Once ram himself prepared the ornaments from various flowers and picked up by him and decorated Seeta gracefully while sitting on a huge diamond stone.

Sita Sakhi

The wife of the sage narrated the duties of a women in a swrrt and gentle tone. She said: "Please listen, O Princess! The parents, brother etc. are all over well-wishers, but their rewards are limited, whereas the husband gives the Salvation, i.e. the ultimate and limitless reward. Therefore a woman who fails to serve such a husband is mean-minded. Patience, relegion, friendship and woman - all of these are tested during the hard times."


The sharp and forceful arrows shot by angry Kakshman irritated the demon Viradh. Now th demon looking like the killer time incarnate, stood up and took the Trishul in his hand, keeping aside seeta. He looked ferocious. As the birds and beasts of the forest for frightened by him, Rama broke down his weapon by shooting an arrow, which peirced through the demon's Trishul.


On hearing that, the sage Agatsya immediately rushed towards Ram & Lakshman. Tears of pleasure and love trickled down his eyes at the sight of God. Both the brothers prostrated at the lotus feet of the sage and the sage and the sage embraced them with warm welcome. Thereafter gracefully requested them to have seat.

Enraged upon Lakshman, she approached Ram and adopted the most horrible demeanour: her hairs loose, mouth horrible,eyebrows crooked and cheeks spread upto ears. As Seeta was stunned with fear, Ram hinted at Lakshman throught\ gestures. Lakshman got him rightly and (Then, O Parvati, Listen, awhat Lakshman did.)
Lakshman cut off her nose and ears very tactfully as if to invite her brother Ravana for battle!


Many warriors were killed. Those whose chests were broken apart were screaming on the ground. Looking at their frustrated army, Trisira, Khar & Dushan turned to Ram. Numerous devils shot arrows, spears, poachers and whatever weapons were handy with them towards Ram. But Ram was unmoved. Then he look his bow and shot back with tons of arrows in the chests of chiefs of the army.


Witnessing the deaths of Khar and Dushana, Shurpankha tried to fuel the wrath of Ravana. She said angrily. "You have forgotten your country and your treasure."


The Marich worshipped Ravana and asked him respectfully, "Tell me, O Lord! Why you look so upset ? And how is it that you have come alone?" Unfortunate Ravana told him everything adamantly and then said to Marich. "You take the form of a deer and misguide Ram, while I will abduct Seeta."

Ram, Lakshman and Seeta

Seeta said, "O Kindest One! O Lord! Please listen. See this deer. What a beautiful skin it has! Kill it and bring its skin for me!" Ram, even though he knew about the trick of Marich, set up for hunting the deer with his bow & arrow to undertake the divine cause of the gods.


Ram requested. "O Respectable one! Kindly keep this body."At this,he (Jatayu) smiled and said." "the scriptures say that even by chanting your name at the time of dying, a sinner gets the salvation. But you have appeared before me in person! What else do I need? Nothing remains to be desired". "Ram, with tears in eyes, said, "O Great one! You have achieved the most sought after status by your sacred deeds."

Ram, Lakshman with Sabri

Shabari was so much overwhelmed with devotion and love that she became speechless on seeing Ram. She repeatedly bowed down at this feet. Then she washed the feet of both the brothers and offered them beautiful seats. She brought very juicy, fresh and tasty shrubs, roots and fruits and offered them to Ram. Ram also repeatedly appreciated her and ate them with affection.

The army of Ignorance (Infatuation) consists of Desire, Anger, Temptation and pride. The woman is like illusion incarnate. Please listen, O Sage! The Puranas, the Vedas & the saints confirm that a woman is like the season of spring blooming in the forest of illusion. A woman drains the waters of chanting, meditation and holy rituals like the summer.


O Brave soul! May I know who you are moving like awarrior having black & white complexion? What makes you move in this harsh and thormy land with delicate legs? You look so majestic and charming! Why are you exerting so much by subjecting yourself to unbearable heat and air! Are you One of the three Gods viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar or you are both Nara & Narayan?


Sugreev manoeuvred too much, but could not succeed. At last he was convinced and accepted the defeat, Ram then had to kill Vali by shooting an arrow in his chest. Injured by the arrow, he fellon the earth, but seeing Ramchandra, he again stood up. Ram;s body was dark, eyes red, with locks of long hair on the head. He was ready to shoot an arrow.


Vali was sent to the heaven by Shri Ram. All the citizens gathered in frustration. The wife of Vali viz. Tara started mourning for the loss of her husband. She was completely bereaved.


Sugreev, Who earlier lived in danger from Vali and had many wounds on his body and who led a life full of tension, was now made the king of monkeys by Shri Ram. Really Lord Raghuveer is very kind and compassionate.


At that time Angad, bowing down his head, said, "O Lord! Kindly send Hanumanji." So Sugreev called on Hanuman and gently requested him, " Shri Ram has obliged me in many ways. I would like you to go everywhere for his work.

Ram and Monkey

O Lord! Even the gods, human beings and the sages are subject to the temptations of sense organs, whereas I am a humble animal and that too the most lusty among them i.e., the monkey. A person who is never injured by the arrows of beautiful eyes of a woman and who is awake during the darkest night of anger (i.e. who does not lose his temper) and who is free from the tangles of temptation, such person is like you, O Raghunath! These qualities are rare and cannot be attained by penance or austerity. Only throught your grace, one can attain them.


Thereafter Sugreev called two messengers. Gaj and Gavaksh rushed to him. Sugreev spoke to them very gently with unanimity of thought, word and deed. He said, "Please go eastward in search of Seeta and come back as early as possible after accomplishing Ram's task.


They saw a fine garden and a beautiful pond inside. The pond was full of blooming lotuses. By the side of the pond, there was a fine temple, where there was a Divine Lady.


The city of Lanka, on the Trikut mountain, is ruled by Ravana, a fearless King. In the city, there is a garden known as Ashok van where Seetaji is, at present, sitting in apensive mood.

Hanuman sun

the unmatched beauty of your mother Anjani is well-known in the world. Once, beautifully dressed up, she went to the top of a mountain. (O Hanumanji!) Listen!  It was the auspicious day when you were bron on the fourteenth day - saturday of Kartik (month) during the last fortnight of the month.

Ram and Hanuman

"You are incarnated to serve the holly cause of Shri Ram. "Having heard this, Hanuman's body expanded to the proportion of a mountain. The whole body was beaming with the brilliance of gold; as if he was the other king of the mountains. Hanuman asked, "O Jambvan! I seek your guidance." Jambvan replied, "Respected Sir, Please find out the whereabouts of Seeta. Thereafter the lotus-eyed Shri Ramchandra will kill the demons and bring back Seeta. The army of monkey will accompany him, just for the sake of amusement." 


Hanuman entered into her mouth and afain came out and asked for her leave after salution her; then Sursa told him, "I have come to know the secret of your extraordinary brilliance. I am sure you will be able to fulfill all the tasks of Shri Ram, for which the gods had sent me here. When she flew away after blessing Hanuman, he felt greatly exhilarated.


Onseeing seeta, hanumanji saluted her heartily. Seeta used to sit there all the 24 hours of the day. Her body was emaciated. One of her locks of hair was lying on her head and she used to chant the name of Shri Ram constantly at every moment.

Shri Valmiki who has created the unique story of Ramayana, which though contains the demons like Khar (rough) and Dashana (evil), is still smooth, lucid, faultless and without any evil element in it.

Janak and Seeta

King Janak, after taking permission from the Brahmin prepared an axe of gold and dug up the field. while the field was being tilled, a young girl was unearthed. The king named her as "Bhuja" (Born of the earth) and embraced her by taking her in his arms. O Parvati! The girl was so innocent and beautiful that the king broght her to his palace and brought her up as his daughter. She was named "Janaki". And Narada called her "Seeta" who was pure and extraordinarily beautifully.

Birth of Ram & his borthers

As the mother changed her mind, she spoke again," O Respected One! Please give up this from and appear before me in the dearest form of a child. I will be very happy. "Having heard this, even God started crying in the form of an infant. (Tulsidas says): One who sings the glory of this form attains Godhood and never returns to the well of the world.

Ram Laxman

While walking along he way, the sage pointed at Tadka (the Demones). On hearing human sound, Tadka rushed at them in anger. But Shri Ramchndra finished her just by piercing singal arrow in her body, and then knowing her to be helpless, sent her to the heaven.

Ram broke the Dhanush

Nobody could notice as to when the bow was lifted, the arrow was fixed and drawn forcibly. Everyone saw Ramchandra in a standing position ready to shoot an arrow. At the same moment, Shri Ramchandra broke the bow from the middle and its crackling noise filled he world with thunder.


Seeing the nervousness of Seeta, her clever friends persuaded her to garland Shri Rama. Seeta took the garland in both of her hands, but could not approach Rama due to shyness. At that time, both of her hands appeared like two lotus flowers with their branches ready to garland th moon (i.e. Rama). While her friends started singing for the occasion, Seeta gralanded around the neck of Shri Rama.

Raja Dasharath

King Dasharath told Guru Vasishtha: "O King of sages! Kindly listen. Shri Ramchandraji has won the love and respect from all sorts of people. Servants, miisters, citizens and all our friends and foes or even those who are indifferent, each of them is dear to Ram like me. It is as if your blessing has taken the form of his body! O Lord ! All Brahmins alognwith their family members shower their love on Ram.

Kaikeyi and Raja Dasharath

O beloved one! I earnestly request you to fulfill my two wishes by offering me two boons as promised earlier by you. The first one is the coronation of my son Bharat as the king of Ayodhya and the second one is the exile of Rama into forest upto 14 years in the guise of an ascetic without any attachment towards the kingdom, the family etc. The delicate utterances of Kaikeyi upset the king (Dasharath) like the Chakor bird whose yearning increases when moon-rays touch its body.

Ram and Raja Dasharath

"Why are you so much upset over such a trifling matter? What prevented you from telling me earlier? On seeing you in the dejected mood, I approached the mother. After listening to everything, I was at ease. O Father! "Please do not be sentimental at such an auspicious occasion. Leave this depression and allow me delighfully to proceed for the forest." Rama spoke these words to his father and cheered.

Ram, Sita and Laxman

O Lord! A woman without a man is like a body without the soul, a river without the water. I will get all happiness of the world just by accompanying you and looking at your face as brilliant as the full moon. Believe me, O Lord! If you are with me, I will never feel alone. The birds and the beats will become my family members, the forest creepers and barks of the trees my clothes and the hut made of leave will be an abode of heavely happiness for me.

Ram, Sita and Laxman

O Lord! I wish to wash your lotus-feet first and then request you to board my boat. I require nothing else as the fare. Oh Ram! I swear by you and by Dasharath. Please believe me. Let Lakshaman kill me by shooting an arrow but unless I wash your lotus-feet, O kindest one & Lord of Tulsidas! I shall not take you across this river in my boat.

Ram, Sita and Laxman

The lotus-eyed Shri Ramchandraji was very much pleased to see the beautiful, neat and sacred atmosphere of the Ashram. Sage Valmiki rushed rushed to receive Shri Ram on hearing about his arrival. Shri Ram saluted the sage by prostrating before him on the ground and touching his feet. Valmiki, the best of the Brahmins, blessed Ram. Valmiki was very much delighted to see Ram and led him to Ashram respectfully.

Dasharath's death

On the bank of river Sarayu, a pyre was prepared by piling up various fragrant substances like sandalwood, saffron, gugal, camphor. It looked like a path to the heaven.


The same Bharat has now transgressed the norms of religion after acquiring the seat of Ram. The evil-minded and the liar brother seems to have decided to rule the people, taking advantage of Shri Ram's exile and loneliness. With that evil design in his mind, he is approaching us, accompanied by his brother Shatrughna, along with the army.


Bharat was overwhelemed with the feelin og joy. He was accompanied by younger brother Shatrughna and friend Nishad. As soon as he was Ram, all of his worries, despair and depression disappeared. He exclaimed, "O, Lord! Please protect me! O Saviour! Please save me!" and prostrated himself in th efeet of Ram. Laxman recognised Bharat by his endearing speech, though he could not see him as he was looking at Ram. On one side there was overwhelming love for his Brother, while on the other side, there was helplessness due to tremendous attachment to Ram!

King Janak

As every one was immersed in the ocean of love, suddenly Ram heard the news of arrival of the King of Mithila, viz. Janak. The great king RaghuKul Dynasty went ahead to receive janak along with his brothers, ministers and teachers. As soon as Janak saw the best of the mountains - Chitrakoot, he got down from his royal chariot after saluting the great mountain and started walking.

Bharat taking Paduka...

Ram was overpowered with the mixed sentments of love and hesitation. On one side there was immense dedication towards the character of Bharat, while on the other the presence of elders, ministers and the citizens. He wished to offer his footwear to Bharat, but was feeling shy to do so in front of his teacher. At last. he succumbed to the call of love for Bharart and offered his footwear to him. Bharat felt honoured by it and put them on his head.

Paduka on Ayodhaya Thorn...

Bharat listened to it very attentively, took the advice and blessings. Then he called upon the astrologers and fixed an auspicious day for putting the footwear (Charan Paaduka) of shri ram on the throne of Ayodhaya.

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