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Valmiki Ramayanam Online Edition

Chapter 1        Chapter 2        Chapter 3        Chapter 4

Seeta in Lanka

"O Ten-mouthed Ravana! Can a lotus ever bloom in the light of a tiny insect emanating light from its body? Seetaji again told him (Ravana): "O Evil one, the same is the case with you. You are unaware of Shri Ram's powers. You devil, abducted me when I was all alone. O mean-minded creature, you are utterly shameless!"

Seeta in Lanka

After pondering over for a while, Hanumanji threw a ring at Seeta's Feet. It appeared as if a bruning charcoal had fallen from the Ashoka tree. Seeta delightedly took it in her hands.


Having seen hanuman's versatility as well as extraordinary physical power, Seeta said, "O Respected one! Please eat this sweet fruit by remembering Ram heartily". Then Hanumanji bowed down before her and entered the garden. He ate the sweet fruits and started uprooting the trees. There were so many soldiers. But Hanuman killed many of them, while some of them approached Ravana for help.

Lanka Dahan

Hanumanji galloped and climed the palace. The flames of fire were, soon, coming out of his tail. It looked as if a huge flow of fire was descending from the sky, as if the jaws of death where trying to devour the entire Lanka or as if avaliant warrior had sharpened his weapons.

Ram and Hanuman

The narration of those details soothed Rama and he delightfully embraced Hanumana. He said "O Dear one! Please tell me, how Seeta lives and protects herself? Hanumanji replied, "She is chanting your name during day & night. Your name is like the soldiers and your meditation is like doors. Seeta constantly stares at her feet (locking all the doors of her body). Then how can the soul exit from her body?

Seeta and Ravana

Seeta is like the night of winter for the forest of lotuses of your dynasty. Please listen, O Master! Without giving back Seeta even Shankar & Brahma (the creator) will be unable to help you. Ram's arrows are like the multitudes of snakes and your crowd of demons are like frogs. Before the sankes swallow your frogs, please give up adamance and seek out the solution.

Ram and Hanuman

O Lord! I am the brother of Ravana. O protector of gods I am born in the dynasty of Demons. My body is blackish. As the darkness is dear to an owl, the sins are are dear to me. Your reputation as the destroyer of fear has brought me to you. Please protect me, as you are the protector of those who take your shelter.


"O Kindest One!Give me your pure devotion so dear to Shankar". then Ram blessed him by saying, "Let your wish be fulfilled" and asked for water from the ocean.
He said, "O Dear Friend! Though you are unwilling, but my Darshan neverfails. It is always successful. "Then Ram marked his forehead with tilak. The sky showered flowers on this majestic occasion.

Shuk-dut with Ravana

Shuk-dut, please give up arrogance and trat the facts written in this letter as truth. Please Shuk-dut listen to me and give up anger. Don't antagonise Ram. Shri Ram's nature is very kind and polite in spite of being the Lord of the Universe. He will forgive you for all your sins the moment you meet him." 

Ram and Hanuman

The ocean was terribly frightened. He pleaded Ram for mercy and earnestly requested the God to forgive him for his follies. He touched the feet of Ram and told him that all the five elements viz. The space, the wind, the fire, the water and the earth are dull by nature.

Stone Bridge

The huge army of monkeys took orders from Ram and priceeded. the army was too large to count. The bridge was so overcrowded that some monkeys flew over the ocen, while others climed upon the aquatic creatures to cross over the distance.


Introducing himself in the court of Ravana, Angad said, "My name is Angad. I am the son of Vali. Have you ever met him?" Ravana was embarrassed. He said, "Yes, I know, Vali was a monkey. Are you the son of that same Vali? then you are the killer of your own dynasty. You are like all-devouring fire for your family. Why didn't you die in the womb of your mothr? You call yourself as the Messenger of Taapas. Therefore your life is worthless.

Lakshman was Injured by Meghand

At that time Meghand shot the most lustrous & destructive arrow called "Virghatini", which hurt Lakshaman in the chest and made him unconscious, then Meghand became fearless and reshed to Lakshman.

Hanuaman with the Mountain

Hanumanji saw the mountain. However, he could not recognise the medicinal herb on it. So he lifted the entire mountain and fled in the night towards the city of Ayodhya.


Hearing this, Ravana became very restless. He nodded his head repeatedly in refusal and went to awaken Kumbhakarna. After various efforts, Kumbhakarna was awakened from deep slumber. How did he look like? He looked like the perfonified Time, He asked, "Dear Brother! Tell me, why your face is so pale?"

Ram killed Kumbhakaran

Kumbhakarna rushed towards Ram with arrows stuffed into his mouth.It appeared, as if the God of Time was running with the sheath in his mouth. At that time Ram angrily took out a pointed arrow and aimed at Kumbhakarna's neck. The arrow pierced through Kumbhakarna's neck and separated his head from the body.


Now Meghnad (the son of Ravana) started shooting arrows at Lakshman, Sugreev and Vibhishan and injured their bodies. He also started fighting with Ram. All the arrows of Meghnad transformed into sepents and harmed them.

Lakshman V/S Ravana

Lakshmanji approached Ravana and said, "O you Devil & the coward one! Why are you killing monkeys and bears? Face me. I am your killer." Ravana said, "You are the killer of my son. I will never spare you. Unless I kill you today, I will not rest in peace." Having spoken thus Ravana shot deadly arrows. However Lakshman broke the same into pieces. All arrows of Ravana were broken by Lakshman into hundreds of tiny pieces.

Ram killed Ravana

Shri Rama drew the bow up to his ear and then dischared thirty one arrows like the all-devouring time! One of the arrow piereced into Ravan's navel and squeezed the nectar from his body. Rest of them separated his arms and the head. The armless and headless body of Ravan moved helter-skelter on the earth.

Seeta's agni pariksha

Then Seeta remembered Ram, her abode of sacred love and whose feet were worshipped by Lord Shankar and entered the fire, which was cooled like the sandalwood. at the same time, the idol of Seeta burnt into flames. No one could realise the glory of the God's character. The Gods, the supermatural souls and the sages witnessed the scene from the sky.

Ram,Sita and Lakshman and others

All the great chiefs of the army of monkeys including their heroes like Sugriv, Neel, Jambuvan, Angad, Nal, Hanuman abd Vibhisan, were speechless. However, they constantly started at Shri Ram, without even winking their eyes for once. Shri Ram realised their overwhelming affection towards him and took in his plane. He saluted the Brahmins and the plane flew northward.

Wonderful city

Suddenly there were good omens everywhere. everyone was in a festival mood. The whole city looked wonderful. It was an indication of the arrival of God.

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Chapter 1        Chapter 2        Chapter 3        Chapter 4

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